Matthias Vickermann and Martin Stoya are the initiators and founders of the succesfull shoe manufacture Vickermann&Stoya from Baden-Baden. In 2004, the two shoemakers got to know each other discovering their common passion for handcrafted measure shoes. Already in 2005 they founded Vickermann & Stoya.

They took over premises, workshops and customers from two established Baden-Baden shoemakers. Initially repair work was mainly at the centre of the young company. In the meantime, Vickermann & Stoya had a major national and international customer base in the custom-made shoes sector. After having moved to larger premises, the open manufacture offers every customer the opportinity to get an impression of the excellent work of the shoemakers.



Wir – that is a small group of entrepreneurs who are very close to the customer with their products and services. (That is what Wir mean litteraly) . Our products are often lifelong companions: individually manufactured for this one customer, with great attention to detail and interest in the erson who has chosen it.

German manufactures produce globally recognised, valued and coveted top products predominantly by hand at the location of Germany. Although the companies are often small in the number of employees, they have nevertheless become important.

Under the umbrella of the network “Deutschlands Feine Maßmanufakturen”, companies have come together whose work is united by an overarching idea: the production of fine individual pieces by sophisticated craftsmanship.

What began in 2010 with the combination of four handpicked, privately run hotels is now a fine collection of selected houses, each unique and a living example of hospitality at the highest level.