Care cream


Our care creams nourish your shoes. They provide intense radiation and revive the colour through their daily use.


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Filling capacity: 75ml

The ingredients of our creams are free of solvents, thickeners, resins or silicone and have of course not been stretched with water.

The creams are made, among other things, of high-quality mink oil, which opens the pores even with solid leather. The Shea lining contained makes the leather smoother and is rich in pigments for recolouring the leather again. The carnauba wax provides protection on the surface and gives it a special shine.

Our recommendation: Better clean more often and apply the cream thinly and evenly. Use the cruicible brush.

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Black, Neutral, Navy, Mahagony, Dark brown, Tobacco brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Cognac, Wine red, Hermes red, Dark green